A selection of my editorial and journalism work.

Alex Johnson: Coming Out, Coming Back, and Coming Full Circle, Gnarly Nutrition Blog, Spring 2020

Going the Distance, Gnarly Nutrition Blog, Winter 2020

Nina Williams: Looking In to Go Up, Gnarly Nutrition Blog, Fall 2020

Cuba’s Bandit Climbers, Rock & Ice #246, November 2017

The Seeker, Rock & Ice #241, April 2017

The Timekeeper, Rock & Ice #230, November 2015

Marc-André LeClerc Shines in Patagonia, Rock & Ice #228, August 2015

Two Cracks Diverged on a Mountain, Adventure Journal, December 2014

Careful What You Wish For, Rock & Ice #222, November 2014

Make it Really Big: A Profile of Rolando Garibotti, Black Diamond Experience, April 2014

The Window: A Portrait of Climbing in Patagonia, Black Diamond Experience, April 2014

Everett Ruess: An Open, Closed (and Open Again) Case, Outdoor Utah Adventure Journal, Spring 2010

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